How to Get an Oral Cancer Screening in Burlington?

How to Get an Oral Cancer Screening in Burlington?

August 2, 2023

If you receive information that you must get your mouth screened for oral cancer, you will likely think the medical fraternity is pulling your leg because you believe this devastating condition cannot affect you. You will probably dread scheduling appointments with oncologists and cancer specialists to screen for oral cancer.

Instead of remaining concerned about a straightforward oral cancer test near you, it helps if you research why you need oral cancer screening at regular intervals and how it helps prevent a life-threatening condition from affecting you.

Oral cancer screenings are not performed merely by oncologists with special training to detect cancer. Your physician or the dentist in Burlington also performs oral cancer screening looking for signs of cancer or precancerous lesions in your mouth. Oral cancer screening aims to catch mouth cancer prematurely when the chances of a cure are higher.

Most dentists perform oral cancer screenings during your routine visits for dental exams dental and cleanings. The dentist completes the screening in under five minutes without you realizing why the dentist looks at parts of your mouth unrelated to your teeth and gums. If dentists detect abnormal cells in your mouth, they may suggest additional tests.

Oral Cancer Screening: the Essentiality of the Test

Oral cancer screening helps detect mouth cancer or precancerous lesions that might result in mouth cancer early when the lesions are easy to remove to deliver optimal outcomes. Unfortunately, no research has proven that screening for oral cancer saves lives making many organizations disagree about the advantages of an oral exam to screen for oral cancer.

While some organizations suggest oral cancer screening, others claim sufficient evidence is unavailable to make such recommendations.

If you are at elevated risk of oral cancer, you will likely benefit from oral cancer screening in Burlington, ON, although research has not proven its benefits. Factors that enhance your risks of oral cancer include:

  • Tobacco use, including chewing tobacco, cigarettes, pipes, cigars, snuff, et cetera.
  • Excessive alcohol use.
  • Oral cancer diagnosis earlier.
  • History of sunlight exposure increases the risks of lip cancer.

Increases have been noticed in the number of people diagnosed with mouth and throat cancers over several years. Although the reasons are unclear, many cancers are associated with STDs, like the human papillomavirus.

If you are concerned with your cancer risks, it helps if you discuss them with the Burlington dentist and ask how to reduce your risk and with screening exams are appropriate for you.

Preparing for Oral Cancer Cleaning

No preparations are required for oral cancer screening besides scheduling your appointment with the Burlington dentist for dental exams and cleanings. Do not worry about paying extra charges for the exam because oral cancer screenings are included in routine visits for dental prophylaxis.

Expectations During Oral Cancer Screening

As mentioned, expect the dentist to look at the mouth insides, checking for red-and-white patches or mouth sores. You may think the dentist has no business taking at parts of your mouth unrelated to your teeth and gums. However, the dentist will use gloved hands when inspecting for nodes and other abnormalities in your mouth. They will also examine your neck and throat for lumps.

Some dentists might use unique tests besides the oral exam when screening for oral cancer. Unfortunately, no information is available on whether the additional tests offer any benefits over the visual exam. The tests include:

Oral Cancer Screening Dye: the dentist might request you to rinse your mouth with a unique dye before the exam. Abnormal mouth cells will absorb the pigment to appear blue.

Oral Cancer Screening Light: the dentist will shine a light in your mouth during oral cancer screening. The light makes abnormal tissue appear white and healthy tissues dark.

If your dentist identifies signs of oral cancer or precancerous lesions, they will suggest a follow-up visit a few weeks later to check whether the abnormal areas are present or have expanded. They might even perform a biopsy to remove cells from your mouth for lab testing to determine the presence of cancer cells.

Oral cancer screening is not a fearsome exam and merely entails examining your mouth for abnormal growths that might indicate oral cancer. You can have your mouth screened by the dentist in Burlington without having to schedule appointments with oncologist specialists in treating cancer. In addition, the screening does not cost money and is available to you as a voluntary gesture from the dentist performing it during your routine dental visit.

Walkers Line Dental Center performs oral cancer screening on patients visiting them or routine dental exams and cleanings. If you are scheduled for a visit to the dentist, expect to receive oral cancer screening from them during your visit as a complementary gesture.

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