Nine Myths about Teeth Whitening Uncovered

Nine Myths about Teeth Whitening Uncovered

March 1, 2022

Medical and cosmetic treatments have myths surrounding them, some regarding how good they are and the rest criticizing them for every reason in the world. Teeth whitening treatments are not an exception and have countless myths surrounding them with information on how the treatments damage the teeth, and dentists are merely trying to make a fast buck by providing expensive teeth whitening remedies.

Regardless of what the tales comment, if you want the best way to whiten teeth visiting your dentist is the optimal technique to achieve the brighter smile you desire safely and effectively without risking your gums and soft tissues to any damage. This article looks at some popular myths about teeth whitening and explains why they are merely MYTHS and are better debunked. Let us look at some of the popular tales about teeth whitening.

1. The Safety of Teeth Whitening Is Questionable

In reality, the safety of teeth whitening provided by teeth whitening in Burlington, ON, remains undisputed. For over a century, dentists have used hydrogen peroxide bleach teeth. Dental bodies worldwide endorse the bleaching treatment as safe as dentists follow simple safety steps. Dentists ensure your teeth, gums, and soft tissue of your mouth are protected with cheek retractors and rubber dams to minimize any potential risks. When using professional-grade hydrogen peroxide, dentists reduce the time your teeth are exposed to the bleaching gel. Therefore questioning the safety of teeth whitening is by itself a myth.

2. Teeth Whitening Damages Your Tooth Enamel

When you obtain proficient teeth whitening treatment, your dentist uses hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as the active ingredient in the treatments. Hydrogen peroxide, the bleaching ingredient, converts water into oxygen in a chemical reaction. Water and oxygen are essential and safe elements of our everyday life. The oxygen particles penetrate the rough surface of your tooth to dislodge staining particles. Hydrogen peroxide isn’t similar to household bleach and is not acidic. Therefore they are unlikely to damage tooth enamel.

3. Tooth Whitening Gels Are All Similar

Both whitening gels used by dental professionals when whitening teeth are different because hydrogen peroxide is concentrated, and carbamide peroxide contains merely one-third of the active ingredient. Hydrogen peroxide is expensive and an unstable chemical that reacts immediately. Many dentists provide whitening treatments using carbamide peroxide, although the treatments require more time to deliver results.

4. You Don’t Need to Visit Dentists for Teeth Whitening

Nothing could be further than the truth because even though you can use home remedies to whiten your teeth, you will likely get frustrated or discard the treatment for the lack of results. In stark contrast, when you visit dentists, the whitening treatment results are visible instantly because they use concentrated ingredients to bleach your teeth. At the same time, over-the-counter remedies do not have similar concentrations.

5. Teeth Whitening Lights Do Not Work

Many people have commented that teeth whitening lights are just a gimmick by dentists and don’t produce any results. However, studies conducted reveal that the lights can indeed accelerate the oxidation process of the whitening ingredient. Therefore teeth whitening lights certainly play a significant role in whitening your teeth.

6. Teeth Bleaching Gels from Other Countries Are Unsafe

How would you react if you received information that the teeth whitening ingredient applied to your teeth is in reality manufactured in China? Would you question the quality of a product branded as American but manufactured in another country? Dentists use hydrogen peroxide gel by the ‘use-by’ date to ensure the gel isn’t milky white, indicating it has already oxidized. However, bleaching gels from throughout the world are safe and will likely cause no harm to your teeth.

7. Over-The-Counter Whitening Trays Also Provide Effective Results

Over-the-counter whitening trays will likely not fit over your teeth because they are generic and not customized explicitly for your mouth. In reality, the trays can create damage to your gums and soft tissues to require additional treatments from dentists near you. In stark contrast, customized whitening trays from your dentist fit perfectly over your teeth. The gel provided by the dentist helps maintain teeth whitening results or change the appearance of your teeth for the better safely.

8. Whitening Treatments Should Deliver Hollywood Smiles

People looking for Hollywood smiles will do better to get dental veneers over their teeth instead of seeking whitening treatments from dentists. All teeth are different and will not react similarly to remedies provided by dentists. Under the circumstances, teeth whitening cannot deliver Hollywood smiles.

9. Teeth Whitening Doesn’t Affect Fillings, Crowns, and Veneers

It is true that hydrogen peroxide only whitens natural teeth. However, it can also clean artificial surfaces like crowns, veneers, and fillings. If you have dental restorations in your mouth, the better option is to discuss the repairs with the dentist to determine whether you can proceed with the whitening treatment.

As can be seen, not every tale whitening treatments are accurate, and some are better left by the wayside instead of looking at them with seriousness.

If you want your teeth whitened safely and effectively, schedule an appointment with Walker’s Line Dental Center and let the dentists at the facility prove the myths are not worthy of discussion.

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