Why Are We Scared Of Darkness??

Darkness is an integral part of the night. We've seen it from the day we we're born, in fact, even before we we're born, while we we're still in the womb. But have you ever wondered why does the darkness scare us so much even today, even after encountering it over thousands of times?

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The following is an account of 'could be' reasons as to why we're afraid of the dark:

1. It could be something genetic. Even though this concept is pure speculation, there are possibilities for it to be true at some level. Our ancestors lived in the wild, thousands of years ago. They we're always more prone to animal attacks during the night time than during the day, and therefore it might be plausible they we're scared of the darkness for real reasons. Maybe this fear has somehow crept into us, into modern civilised times, making us to be still afraid of darkness, even when we don't have those reasons.

2. We fear the unknown. Human mind doesn't like blankness. So, when it tries to fill up the blankness, it often results in filling it up with scary elements and ghostly apparitions.

3. Most of us believe in what we can see. But darkness is a field in which our eyes fail. When we don't see we begin to hallucinate, the mind's way breaking reality and entering fantasy. But it pretty much depends on what we hallucinate.

4. Our existence comes from pure light. Light exposes stuffs, while darkness shadows it. Darkness is dense ignorance which leads to doubt, which in turn leads to hate. As all animals are attracted to light and so are we.

5. Things always look better in light. The prowler on the road did not look as scary during the day as he looks during the night, I bet.

Things always depend on the way we see it. Darkness can be used as the element required for peace and solace or for fear. Try and look things in the positive way and they will turn out to be the way you want.

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