As employee of Beachbody...

As employee of Beachbody, I know this, but many people don't know that every single person who orders one of their fitness programs is assigned a free coach like me to help them meet their goals. Did you know that? I'm always surprised that people don't know this, but really, why would they? It's not really advertised, it's just something extra Beachbody does to help people succeed. It costs nothing and is just part of the program you purchase.

If you are considering adding to your fitness routine, just realize that you are going to get a coach along with it. It is their job to give you encouragement, advice, an invitation to support groups, and to really stick with you through your transformation and beyond. You don't really get this anywhere else. (When I bought my set of pots and pans years ago, the company sure didn't send someone to my house, free of charge, to teach me to cook!!) You have the option of having one randomly assigned to you when you order or choosing your own coach before ordering.

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If you know someone who is a Beachbody coach and would like that person to help you get the most out of your program, ask them to be your coach before you order and I promise that they will be honored to say yes. Whether one is assigned or whether you choose your own, it's still free! Please don't be shy about asking because statistics show that those who begin a fitness program are something crazy like 5 times more likely to follow through with it if they have a coach by their side, every step of the way. You might as well choose someone you already know and trust to help you. Maybe someone who has done several Beachbody programs and knows how to have the most success with the program you choose!

If you did not know (And I suppose some of you don't), I am a coach, and I would love to be that person who helps you get to that jean size or a lower cholesterol number, better diabetic control, a more active lifestyle, and most importantly, a nice long healthy life to spend with the ones you love! It gives me a great deal of satisfaction and humility to be a part of the process of changing a life for the better.

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