The benefits of rising early

So what are the benefits of rising early and how can it help you to be more happy and positive?

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If you had told me a year ago that I would be a 5 am riser i would have told you that there was only one 5 o'clock during the day and it wasn't in the morning. Rising early was not on my list of things to accomplish and I only actually started to do this as part of my exercise routine. I won't lie I struggled with it and some times especially during the middle of winter I wonder if my sanity is still there as I hit the alarm clock and roll out of bed.

1) Better Sleep: it has been proven that if you rise earlier you are more in tune to your circadian rhythms, these rhythms tell your body when it's time to sleep and wake and the more in tune you are with these dudes the more restorative sleep you get.

2) Reduce Stress: Eliminate the rush in the mornings by waking up even half an hour earlier in the mornings, or get that extra You time by packing lunches and getting clothes ready the night before. It is said that the first hour of your day sets the tone for the rest of your day. So how about having a nice stress free relaxing first hour for a relaxing day ahead

3) Be More optimistic and Happy : studies have shown that people who rise early are more positive, optimistic and are more happy in their lives. This might have something to do with less stress in their mornings

4) Boost to your Motivation : get up and imagining how your day will be and projecting little happy positive sunbeams out towards your day. It can help with your motivation and increase your self confidence knowing that during your day these positive sunbeams are waiting for you to make your day happy so that you can achieve anything in your day

5) Weight Loss: Exercising in the morning jump starts your metabolism and keeps it burning for hours after which has helped people lose some kilo and keep it off.

So why do i get up early? well for all the above reasons. I love making a cup of tea first thing and waking up with the birds reading comments from the blog or doing a little bit of gaming. I love to know that i get in my exercise for the day in the morning before work and then i don't have to worry about it again and i love my meditation's while the rest of the world is still sleeping.

There is something very magical walking around the house when the sun is just rising and i can still hear the Husband and fur-babies still snoring in dreamland.

Also i find that waking early can give you extra happiness on the weekends as i find that by 10am the house is clean everything is done and i still have the rest of the weekend just for me

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