30 Day Challenge Day 1

Quick summary:

1) I wrote out a list of rules for myself about what I can/cannot do for these 30 days.

2) I am keeping track of the activities I do, as well as the time I spend on them using a stop watch (particularly like on my computer).

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3) I compiled a list of things that I would like to have, and a list of things that I would not like to have into a notebook. This list will continue to grow daily.

4) I decided to devote 4 hours a day clearing negativity. Finding time throughout the day for this is not that difficult.

5) I chose to use the Release Technique as my primarily method of clearing negative emotions. While EFT and other methods work quite well for me, I am intrigued by an updated releasing approach that I stumbled upon today. I know it will quickly help me resolve issues. In many ways, the process is similar to a NLP/NS pattern that I use, but I see something amazing in the process beyond what I have been aware of up until now.

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Notes - Your grammatical abilities are amazing!

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