Elderberry syrup works fantastic as an anti-flu item. The health power...

Elderberry syrup works fantastic as an anti-flu item. The health power of elderberries are extremely strong and this syrup is a simple way to take it without a lot of trouble. Elderberries are ideal for anti-flu because it has a great deal of focus on the upper respiratory system which is what the flu targets. With highly powerful immune boosting properties and vitamins A & C, elderberries are the perfect choice as an anti-flu option.

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Elderberry is one of the most effective herbs for preventing and treating upper respiratory infections and elderberry syrup is one of the easiest ways to take it. Elderberries have natural flavanoids that can help reduce swelling, increase antioxidant levels, battle inflammation and boost the immune system. Some lab studies performed on elderberry shows that it can help with bacterial sinus infections.[1] Elderberry helps to reduce mucus secretion of sinuses and lessen swelling of mucus membranes. So you may be wondering, if elderberry syrup is so fantastic for the flu, why isn't it everywhere two reasons.

The first reason is the same reason why all natural health products are harder to come by or have to be made at home. They aren't as profitable as synthetically manufactured drugs. Now that is a sad reality, but it is so true. Food for thought : have you ever noticed how most medicinal information for natural health products and herbs always say " more study is needed ". Why do the drugs seem to get all the testing they need but natural health remedies always seem to need more laboratory experiments? The second reason is because you can't just go out and grab elderberries, the leaves and stems are poisonous and some species of the elder plant are wholly poisonous. You have to get properly handled elderberries and know how to deal with them.

Some other studies have found that elderberry can ease flu & cold symptoms like headache, fever, sore throat, cough, fatigue, and body ache in addition to cutting the duration of these symptoms by as much as 50%.[1] The University of Maryland Medical Center showed lab results where elderberries could kill the H1N1 virus (swine flu) in tests.[2] Elderberries are a rich source of vitamins A & C which are both known to benefit the body's immune system. Elderberry syrup is both easy to make and safe to take following the directions provided here.

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