I love success stories. Who doesn't, right? That's the whole reason I got into this profession. Getting to share in with all of the successes of others is such an honour and such a thrill. Well this success story is right up there with some of my all time favorites. Yes the numbers and pics I'm going to get to are very impressive. What is more impressive is how Jen got to where she is.

Life isn't fair. I've had some clients who come in and lose 10-15lbs in no time. It's just the way their bodies work. But I've also had clients who come in and do EVERYTHING they can only to see 1 pound here, 2 pounds there, gain back 4 pounds, and so on and so forth. These are usually the clients you only see for a couple of months and then maybe hear from them again next spring when they want to try again and get ready for summer.

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Jen is the ultimate example of someone who worked sooooo hard and wanted it soooooooo bad, sometimes to her own detriment. She would be so eager to reach her goals she would try this diet and that fad and read different books about different strategies. She lives and dies by her daily weigh-in and managing her frustration has been more difficult than all of her hill sprints combined.

Jen won 3 months of personal training with me last May. We made some decent progress over those 3 months, but did not come anywhere near reaching her goals. To be perfectly honest I thought once the free training ran out she might give up on exercise completely and start trying some new and crazy methods. But even though she was frustrated with her progress, she was able to see that it was still progress, and we both agreed that we we're not going to stop there, and would continue to work until she reached her goals, no matter how long it took. As you can see by these results she has made amazing progress and she has now reached her initial goals. But more impressively is the fact that she has committed to a lifestyle and has set new goals for herself. All successes are great, but knowing firsthand what Jen had to go through to get to where she is makes it that much sweeter. I am extremely proud to have been a part of Jen's journey and I hope others can look at her and see what you can achieve if you stick to it and keep working. Way to go Jen.

Jen lost 17lbs, 14 inches and 5% body fat. Again, amazing job Jen.

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