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Learn to live a lifetime of health. Most people hate hearing that because they want to fit into a tux for next weeks wedding. They have an old friend coming into town in a couple weeks and they really need to drop 15 pounds, or they are going on a cruise and want to be ready in a month. Those are all perfectly normal human reactions. We tend to strive to the path least resistant. As humans we are most interested in what is most easy and involves the least amount of work, the "quick fix". While there are programs like that, they may not be considered the healthiest or long term weight solution. The fact is it didn't take two weeks to gain those 15, 30 or even 100 pounds you'd like to lose. In most cases it took a lifetime .

Almost 108 million people in the USA we're overweight or obese in 1999. Obesity continues to be a serious problem and is predicted to reach epidemic levels by the year 2020.

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One way to prevent this scenario is to make people aware of the risks of being overweight or obese.

Here are some diseases that you are putting yourself in risk of if you are carrying a lot of extra pounds:

  1. heart disease
  2. stroke
  3. diabetes
  4. cancer
  5. arthritis
  6. hypertension

Losing weight helps to prevent and control these diseases.

The quick weight loss methods which have spread like fire these days do not provide lasting results. More often than not, dieting methods which involve dietary drinks, foods and supplement or pills do not work. If they do, the results are just temporary. I strongly advise if you do attempt any of the quick fix diets, it is immediately followed by a long time plan.

It is better to rely on a healthy weight loss option which will provide lifetime results. You have to set realistic goals and not expect to lose a lot of pounds in a short span of time.

Here are some sugguestions on how you can lose those unwanted pounds the healthy way :

1. Do not starve your self.

The key to a healthier way of losing weight is: Do not diet.

You may seem happy and feel that you are losing those unwanted flabs on your belly and thighs by skipping meals. But remember that this would not last long. Your body cannot tolerate having insufficient food to fuel the energy that you use up everyday.

If you get used to skipping one or two meals a day, your stored calories will be used up instead of the energy that should have been provided by your meals. So if you just eat one huge sandwich in one day, it will end up straight to your problem area (i.e. highs, buttocks, hips).

2. Begin your day right.

Mothers always say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Have a healthy meal in the morning to jump-start your metabolism.

Your food intake after you wake up will be used to burn fat all day long.

3. Eat small, healthy meals frequently.

Frst off,Read The Mayo Clinic Diet Book. It's loaded it everything you need to know! Five small-serving snacks per day is better than three hearty meals. Eating more frequently, and in small servings, can prevent over-eating. This will also increase your metabolism and make calories burn faster.

4. Decide on how much weight you want to lose.

Keep your goals realistic. In the long run, it is virtually impossible for you to lose 40 pounds in 2 weeks. Have a mindset that you want to eat healthy to stay healthy for the rest of your life.

Once you have decided on a weight loss plan or program, stick to it and make sure that you follow your own set of dieting rules.

5. Drink a LOT of water.

Your body needs sufficient water to burn fat and keep your cells hydrated and healthy.

6. Avoid too much sugar.

Plan your meals around lots of fruits and vegetables, some bread, rice or pasta for that carbo fix that you need, plus lean meat and protein rich-foods. Sweets, sodas and pastries should be once-in-a-while indulgences only.

7. Watch your fat intake.

Fat is not the culprit to being overweight. You need this to keep your weight at the proper level.

There is such a thing as healthy fats. Olive, peanuts and canola oil have them. Tuna, salmon and mackerel have omega-3 fats which is good for the heart.

8. Exercise.

If you don't exercise at all, find something you like to do and do it a lot to start. Like bowling? Golf? Basketball? Swimming? Skiing? Mountain climbing? Jogging? Find what you like that involves more than sitting on the couch and do that, along with eating healthy and you are off to a great start!

Eat healthy, drink lots of water, have enough sleep and exercise. This will give you a higher chance of losing weight and improving your health, which would result to a new, healthier you.

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