Move it!!

It's a Saturday morning and the weather is not at all bad for London.

I'm having a slow start to the day because I'm a little wrecked from a great Netball Training Session, followed by some socialising and dancing last nightIt's good pain however,and I would encourage all of you 40 plus's to keep 'it' moving! Some pain must be endured but I believe that pain from exercise is better than pain from ill health. It's important that we keep as active as we can as the years creep or gallop onsome of us really slow downand that's not great!

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Well the clocks go forward this wekend and the mornings will be brighter again so MOVE IT!

None of us can be totally in control of our future health and well being, but we can certainly make a valid contribution to our own daily sense of physicalhealth by; reducing our daily consumption of food, increasing our fluid intake. eating more nutriously and reducing the stress in our lives.

I increasingly feel a greater sense of satisfaction having taken more control of this apsect of my life, whihc hasleft me with; more energy, able to work and play for longer periods, not feeling so sluggish and lathergic.. feeling that I can take on or not the things that are important to me because my frame of mind is much sharper andI am more discerning about what is and is not important in my life.

I'm having a slower start than normal to my Saturdays, but what the hec I deserve it, I've worked hard this week!

Tomorrow I'll go for an early morning walk with my sisters as the mornings are at last brighter again, I'll then go and give thanks and praise my maker and by the evening time I'll chill out and relax. Much later on I'll contemplate the challenges to be faced in the week ahead by then the 'good pain' will have passed I hope..

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