The Obesity Epidemic

As the United States battles the obesity epidemic and sedentary lifestyle, more people are seeking help from a personal trainer, the 21st century fitness professional, to get them in beautiful shape and to help them with weight loss . Qualified, experienced personal trainer are perfect for those who want to achieve fitness and weight loss goals . Consistently training with a personal trainer is a great and wise way to stay focused and help banish horrible eating habits and helps gradually incorporate habits that lead you to a healthy lifestyle .

It's very wise for you to hire a personal trainer in the city where you live . For instance, if you live in NYC, then a certified personal trainer NYC is a perfect fit . But there is another option . To decrease costs, you have the option of hiring an online fitness coach who is a certified personal trainer .

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Make sure you consider a trainer's personality and his or her idiosyncrasies and see if they compliment with yours .

Make sure that you are asking lots of questions about the trainer's background, experience, and certifications . Interviewing a number of trainers and knowing what you'd like to have in a trainer before you interview them will help with the decision-making process.

Your Personal Trainer Certified?

Find you if the personal trainer is certified with a major fitness certification organization such as NASM, National Academy of Sports Medicine or ACSM, American College of Sports Medicine . These certification institutions listed above are highly honored . It is necessary to know if they are certified in CPR/AED . They need to be able to know what to do during emergency situations .

Does The Personal Trainer Have The Background And Experience?

Experience and background also need to be considered when making the decision to hire a personal trainer . An experienced personal trainer who has had a long career will usually have many specializations under her or his belt which is advantageous to the client, especially if the client has special needs .

Does The Personal Trainer Have Style And Personality?

When going through the interview process to choose the right trainer for you make sure he or she listens to your goals . One of the primary traits an excellent personal trainer has is being a great listener . A fitness trainer who is qualified will be able to design a personalized fitness plan based on your needs and goals .

Also remember that your trainer should be focused on you . If the personal trainer is an exemplary professional, he or she shouldn't be distracted by the cell phone, or his or her colleagues and health club members . The trainer's attention should be on you .

Here are some questions to answer for yourself when assessing a personal trainer after an interview:

1. Does he or she truly inspire you when the trainer is speaking to you ?

2. Do you think the trainer is trustworthy ? Does he or she seem honest ?

3.Do you believe you'll enjoy training with this personal trainer ?

The Price Is Right

Comparison shop, looking at a number of qualified personal trainers . If you are serious about employing a personal trainer to change your body and health than it is absolutely worth the cost . If expense is a big issue, make sure to look at online fitness coaching and/or small group training .

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