Our Technology

Using the latest dental technology helps provide an accurate diagnosis, positive patient outcomes, and improved treatments. Walkers Line Dental Centre adopts a high-tech approach to dentistry. We use a combination of technology, experience, and old-fashioned courtesy to provide our patients with premium experiences.

How State-of-the-Art Dental Technology Helps

The latest digital imaging software has made it possible to obtain crystal-clear images of the oral cavity, screen patients for potential diseases, generate and share instant records, and perform dental procedures with greater precision and efficiency. Patients are able to benefit from faster results and accurate diagnosis that helps create targeted treatment plans. Our dentists near you are able to deliver enhanced results for preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry.

For example, during a dental emergency, we use advanced 3D imaging to diagnose the cause and administer treatment quickly and efficiently. Modern devices like intraoral cameras, digital 3D scanning, VELscope®, and x-rays help us deliver better patient care.

Dental Technology at Walkers Line Dental Centre

Our dentists in Burlington, ON, use the following dental equipment to enhance the patient experience:

Opalescence Whitening Machine

The opalescence whitening machine uses a specialized gel that eliminates unsightly stains and discolorations and whitens your smile. The patented potassium nitrate fluoride gel is sticky and viscous and stays in place instead of seeping into the soft tissues. Once we evaluate your eligibility for teeth whitening, we use safe, un-tampered, and effective opalescence whitening systems to brighten your smile.

Magnification Loupes

Wearing magnification loupes allows our dentists to focus and identify conditions before they progress. The enhanced vision allows us to perform dental procedures with greater precision and ease.

Dental Lasers

The use of dental lasers helps improve precision, reduce bleeding, eliminate the need for sutures, and help extract teeth and bone with greater accuracy. Dental lasers are used to remove cavities, prepare fillings, treat sensitivity, and whiten teeth. They are also used to treat cold sores, reshape gummy smiles, and remove benign tumors.

Minimum Radiation X-Rays

Diagnostic dental x-rays are associated with low levels of radiation, provide results in minutes, and are extremely safe for adults and children.

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