Surgical Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Surgical Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Burlington, ON

Are you searching for a Burlington, ON, dentist for surgical wisdom tooth extraction near you? If so, we invite you to look no further than our team at Walkers Line Dental Centre. We have been caring for patients of all ages since 2002 by providing a full suite of dentistry services, including surgical wisdom tooth extraction, and we’re here to provide that same care to you and your family too.

At Walkers Line Dental Centre, we understand that patients may have concerns when they find out they need a surgical tooth extraction. That’s why our dentist near you, Dr. Saurabh Jha, and our entire professional staff provide you with information, guidance, and support throughout the wisdom tooth extraction consultation, procedure, and aftercare.

Why Choose Us for Your Surgical Wisdom Tooth Extraction Near You?

Although we’ve performed countless surgical wisdom tooth extractions near you, Dr. Jha and his team will never treat your procedure as anything other than unique and personalized. Many young adults undergo oral surgery to extract wisdom teeth that are impacted. But when you visit us for your consultation and procedure, you’ll notice that we treat you with the respect of an individual patient and acknowledge your personal needs and concerns with individualized care.

For example, you may have questions about the type of sedation dentistry used during your procedure. There are four kinds of sedation levels available that range from relaxation to being entirely under. Dr. Jha and his team will provide the information you need to decide which type of sedation is best for your needs. That way, you’ll know ahead of your surgical wisdom tooth extraction appointment about arrangements that may be needed for transportation from the appointment.

We’ll also provide you with complete aftercare instruction and support. The recovery time for most oral surgery, including wisdom tooth extraction, is typically quick and straightforward. Still, our dental care team will provide you with the information you need for recovery at home before leaving our office. Plus, we’ll provide you with emergency contact information so you can reach us 24/7 during your recovery period.

We Are Here for You

We invite you to make an appointment today for surgical wisdom tooth extraction from our emergency dentist in Burlington, ON, at Walkers Line Dental Centre.

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