When Veneers May Not Be the Good Option for Your Teeth

When Veneers May Not Be the Good Option for Your Teeth

April 4, 2022

What Are Dental Veneers?

They are oral appliances in dentistry that help repair and restore teeth. Dental veneers at Walkers Line Dental Centre specifically improve the appearance of teeth by masking the flaws from the front side. In a sense, veneers have become a dental solution for quickly fixing dental issues that would require many resources and a lot of time to correct. Some of the dental issues that dental veneers can fix are:

  1. Spaces between teeth – instead of wearing braces in orthodontics for several months, your cosmetic dentist can use dental veneers to close small spaces between teeth.
  2. Teeth whitening – if you are not a fan of direct enamel bleaching to remove stains on teeth and whiten them, you can opt for veneers.
  3. Teeth contouring – many structural features of teeth like length, height, size, and crookedness require reshaping using dental veneers.

Disadvantages of Veneers

Although dental veneers are beneficial for patients seeking cosmetic improvements for their smiles, they are not for everyone. First, you must understand that all oral appliances have pros and cons. Your responsibility is to weigh out the pros and cons to determine whether the treatment protocol is suitable to your needs and preferences. Some of the factors that may make dental veneers objectionable for you are:

  1. They are irreversible – once you get veneers in Burlington, ON, you cannot go back. The only solution, if you want to remove your veneers, is to replace them with new ones or get dental crowns. The reason is that veneers require ample preparation of your teeth, leaving them different from typical natural teeth.
  2. They cannot be whitened – before you get dental veneers, you should deliberate on the color of your teeth. Technically, getting whiter veneers than the color of your teeth will cause a disparity in the evenness of their color when you smile. Instead, consider whitening your natural teeth first, then getting veneers to match the new color of your natural teeth.
  3. They are invasive – the procedure for getting veneers teeth is relatively invasive to the linking of some patients. As mentioned earlier, your dentist would need to trim part of your tooth enamel to make room for the oral veneer.
  4. The procedure requires two separate dental visits – when you decide to get veneers, you may need to make two trips to your dentist. The first dental visit will regard the preparation of your teeth in readiness for the veneers. Afterward, your dentist will place temporary veneers as (s)he prepares the permanent ones in a dental laboratory. The process should take about two weeks. Once your veneer teeth are ready, you will have your second dental visit for the installation of the permanent veneers.

Why Do Patients Still Choose Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers play a significant role in cosmetic dentistry for transforming smiles. They are responsible for many smile transformations you see about celebrities you adore. Some of the reasons why veneers are so likable are:

  1. They are versatile – dental veneers can correct multiple dental problems in one go. Ideally, cosmetic dentists will use dental veneers to whiten, reshape, align, smoothen, repair, and elongate teeth. These modifications may not require multiple dental procedures. Instead, dental veneers will mask all the flaws in your smile.
  2. Less invasive than dental crowns – although the procedure for getting dental crowns is invasive, it is much better than that of getting dental crowns. Since dental crowns encapsulate an entire tooth, the dentist would need to remove more tooth enamel than is the case with teeth veneers.
  3. Long-lasting – dental veneers can last between 10 and 15 years. However, with proper care, some patients can retain their dental veneers for over 25 years.
  4. Natural-looking – dental veneers feature a material called porcelain. The material is tooth-colored so that you can choose a shade of white that closest matches that of our natural teeth. At the end of your treatment, it may be difficult to tell dental veneers apart from your natural teeth.
  5. Confidence boost – sometimes the only reason your self-confidence suffers is that you do not appreciate the appearance of your smile. A beautiful smile goes a long way in building and sustaining high self-confidence.

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