Your First Visit in Burlington, ON

At Walkers Line Dental Centre, we understand that a patient’s first visit to our office is extremely important. That’s why our dentists near you want your first visit in Burlington, ON to be a valuable experience. Our entire staff welcomes you and is proud to begin your path to oral health and wellness!

Our Commitment to You

Your first visit will be a consultation so that we can establish your individual needs in terms of oral health care. Our commitment to you, and all our patients, is to make you feel comfortable with all aspects of dental care as well as ease any potential patient anxiety regarding office visits, dental procedures and/or treatment, and becoming established with a new dental care team.

One of the most important of effective dental care is communication between our patients and our staff. This includes meeting your oral health care needs and addressing any concerns that you may have. In turn, we provide support, guidance, and quality treatment to ensure optimal dental health for our patients. Therefore, we set this foundation of communication and commitment during your initial consultation.

Our Professional Staff

Our professional staff is committed to making your first visit as efficient and straightforward as possible. That’s why we will have your new patient forms ready for you to complete in our office. This allows us to gather your relevant information so that we can provide the best care to you during all your future visits. This will also establish your insurance plan with us and provide the opportunity for you to ask any questions regarding treatment plans, office policies, and/or policy coverage.

At Walkers Line Dental Centre, we are dedicated to helping our patients achieve and maintain oral health and wellness from your first visit onward. We are proud to provide each individual patient with a comfortable, safe environment, quality oral health care, and professional services. Are you ready for your first visit with our dental care team? Contact our office to set up an initial consultation. We look forward to meeting you for the first time and meeting your expectations at every step along the path of dental care.

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